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My heart hangs heavy when I hear you go pop.

Dearest Kevin Barnes,
Your art has poured seas of magic into my ear's for so long that I could never fathom you falling from the magnificent shrine I have created in my mind for your music. I fear an angry storm of time and trends have swept what was once our long lived love affair, far away from my grasp. All has been swiftly placed into a new era of popular pop I can sadly not narrate my life to anymore. You now play a mean throbbing base line of glittery disco pop that sprays out teen body spray every time you can actually hear vocals over the sampler's beats. How did this happen? How can you stand a crowd of twelve year old boppers who think Death cab for cutie is godlike because their name is cute like death? Puke!! I can probably make some calls and book you a show at the Orange County Urban outfitters, Only if I get some profit too. Boy, that would be a summer hit. How did you fall from grace exactly? I though you were lo-fi, I thought you were indie rock, I though you claimed Athens, Georgia, and I thought you never sold-out shows... I know this happens all the time but, It won't be like the Beatles dudes, they will drop you like flies tomorrow. Oh, how time and change seem to erode what music once based itself on. Everyone cashes in sooner or later I guess. It's only progression...and where would us humans be without that? Still, I am Jaded. I wasn't expecting you to cross over to the dark side though. Why don't you just break up before things get any worse? If I wanted to dance I would drown myself and then go chill with James Brown or fucking go to LA and watch a moving units show. Nah, scratch that. I won't be merrily singing along to any album after the year 2002. I hope you are having fun joking around with your music and trying new things and all, but I know you are better then this. I will never forget the music you once were. At least I can say that. Old school is the better school. Don't forget yo roots.
Viva La Cherry Peel,
Kayla Couvillion

Last night Jon and I decided to make a trip to the Che' cafe because Of Montreal was playing and that band has been on my stereo since I could say Happy yellow bumblebee and the che' is Jon's home venue. They played in LA Friday night but, I didn't want to go to another fashion show in LA because I was in a good mood and didn't feel like I needed to be a cynical ass. Besides I have a nice cold trying to get at me and San Diego is a nice old change. Wellllll, pop my fallacy and turn me into reality, I was in for it either way..We got there at 7:30 and there was a huge insane annoying line of twelve year old scene children that somehow were trying a go at their older brother or sister's identity and failing miserably. We were confused and Jon said he has never seen it this bad before at the che' and he couldn't find a single person he knew. We rode it off as an all ages show these days (because this is the first one we have been to in a good awhile.) Turns out it was some lame ass rilo killy band that attracted the crowd. Anyway, it sold out and we could not get in. I was irate because we drove so far and they only play about once a year..so we left went further south, killed some time, calmed down, smoked some weed, and then went back and snuck into the show through a cut and then waited for them to play. As I was standing there laughing at the rather odd crowd I felt like my childhood done passed me by and left Jon, the che' cafe, and myself as the baby-sitters. It felt weird. I felt out of place. I felt like a chaperone. I'm only 21, but boy I felt a generation gap forming caverns in distance of age and mind. I remember and love those days when I was a little asshole kid going to shows every night and fucking everything up for the sake of it, so I will set it aside. BUT, I will never go to an all ages show again. At least Simi-sober anyway. I'm tired of rock and roll post 1990 realllly anyway. So there isn't much need. Anyway........They opened their set with some Emerson Lake and Palmer sounding crap and filled the middle of their set with shit off their new album which was some poppy disco crap, Then ended it with a little hip hop flowing????It's crap. crap, crap, crap. I was disappointed. Oh, well...I still had a good time because the show was free and I liked the area and the jokes and poking fun Jon and I shared together were priceless. I think Of Montreal are having fun with their music these days and don't care what they play as long they are having fun...I dig it thats cool. I just don't like their stuff these days. In turn, they should really just break up and keep the memory alive. Keep the roots alive. I hope you never sell your souls to Radio waves. Thats all I have to say about that.
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