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lets have bizarre celebrations

So, I saw Of Montreal in June of 2004 for the 1st time, and then saw them again in 2005 some time and haven't seen them since. At that year's show, I couldn't help but notice their new electronic discoesq dancy base party music with some hip hop? The 2004 show was amazing, it was the Satanic panic in the attic tour show and I'm sure the ones before that were hellof amazing too. But I noticed a change was about to happen...as for the 2005 show, I was confused, and uninterested because this was of montreal not moving units. At that time electro dance music was popular and I surly wasn't expecting them to make electro disco dance sounding music because there were pretty far from it. And since there were so many younger kids I had my suspicions. Making a stupid story short, I wrote about it four or five entries down, two years ago...Anyway, i was just that, very confused. Well, for some reason I was in a car, then I heard that Outback Steakhouse commercial with one of their newer songs in it, last year sometime.It was funny because I had read about it, but never got to hear it............Instead of 'Let's pretend we don't exist / Let's pretend we're in Antarctica', it was something like 'Let's pretend we're at Outback Steakhouse'!" I laughed to myself and just about choked on my smoothie in shock. I was glad I wasn't listening to their new music much...I guess I ignored them because of the pop disco music, and there were so many other bands and music genres to pay attention to that had more assumed substance, I thought I already heard the best of Of montreal ,back when, anyway. And listening to their disco pop would have been counter productive in the way of enjoyment. So year and a half passed with me snubbing any news I heard of them. Then 2 weeks ago I was watching You-Tube videos and came across the same song that the Outback steakhouse marketing firm re-did (Wrath pinned to the mist.) This original version (hearing it for the first time) made me ultra ultra happy for some reason. Sure, it could have been the weed....But point is, since I heard this "wrath pinned to the myth", I actually gave attention to their newer lyrics, discarding my dislike of the dance music, but once that happened It all just fell into place because I got up and danced in my room and loved the base and electric sounds of Of Montreal. It was gay...the dancing...i mean real gay..i have not danced in a long time hahah. Other then that ESG concert when cocaine was forced up my nose by this benevolent wizard... aside from that, I realized they are the same Of Montreal I loved when I first heard them. Same wit and satire, same odd qwerks, same great ability with words and concepts on the more melancholy side. Only they have progressed in their own way which is what should happen, (even if some of it is electropop music and very different then that of original of montreal) I'm happy they have now, and I actually enjoy and respect their ability to keep playing throughout the years and re-inventing their music. The lyrics and basic OM style are still there!...Change and diversity are things I understand, and have come to embrace way more so then back in the day. Too bad I didn't realize that then, but its all good now. I wonder if people who aren't aware they have been around since 97 or longer think about them without knowing their past music...hmm..It is also weird that their original website has been given a face lift and there isn't much information like there used to be on their early albums...anyway, The video for that wrath pinned to the mist song is awesome too..reminds me of Gloomy the bear...As far as the Outback Steakhouse Jingle VS me as a vegan...I could care less because life is uncertain and absurd anyway.it is what it is...They are still great musicians and Kevin Barnes is an awesome writer/story teller!!!!!!! that man.... I would rather just dance and laugh these days, then sit back and bitch. I'm tired of being shitty and sad all the time and I think I re discovered Of Montreal at a great time in my life. At the time originally too...haha I'm excited to see them play at the American music hall because all 3 shows so far have been sold out...Yay just in time!.I love them so! their new album is amazing as welllll..why had I ever forsaken thee. Viva la Of Montreal!
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