Kaela (disconodisco) wrote,

Hello old friend. How do you do?

Some dayz sure, give it a whirl. Happy holy grail of girl.
But, more dayz then I can twirl, Things just make me want to hurl.
Oh silly, silly, me. Placing words up for the herds, of this zoo.
That's right, for this slew of rotten birds, to thoroughly misconstrue.
I'm not doing it for you. What the fuck else is there to do though?
So sit, you'll be my TV show. Complicated me, happy days of glee.
Is that entertaining enough sweetie?
Digress, digress, digress. So it's I, dancing solo in this messy room, of wooden ice.
Figure skating ballerina wearing only sox, plays with words like she's the topz.
For all it's worth I'll keep on dancing, even if you are not fancying.
Just gimmie that raw soul music.
Thats what makes me whole music.
Ray, Burke, and Pickett.
There, you got the ticket. <3Me
ya dig?
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