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This is for the Gz and this is for the hustlaz

So this one time, My bike got stolen, My records got water dripped all over them for god knows how long from a broken pipe in the ceiling, and my checking and savings account both got robbed of $310.50 dollars that I did not withdraw at a 711 in Ontario. I did find thirty dollars inside and behind our cash register, $20 dollars on the floor outside, a whole new collection of organic all natural animal product free products worth a cool 300 dollars at least, of which I would never spend on products, and my records some how came out completely untouched of any water what so ever (plastic works wonders.) I am getting reimbursed for the money that was stolen from me in the end. All in the span of one loco week. So do I have good Karma or bad Karma? Limbo Karma, ya dig it?
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